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ReaperWing Discord Story Event | Something Rotten in the Strait near Denmark


Do You Want to Go Hunting This Weekend?

On Saturday 15th January 2022 @ 2000HRS UTC (GMT)

I will be hosting my 500 Subscribers Celebration event Running for Approx. 2 Hours,

Join for a series of minigames and Interesting Scenarios, win Prizes and Prestige amongst your fellow aviators.
Limited Spaces for the Main Event
Join the Discord

HUNTING THE BIG ONE Naval Event on special EC version of "DENMARK" Vehicles:
Any aircraft up to 3.7 (EXCLUDED NATIONS GERMANY, ITALY & JAPAN) - - Suggested to bring naval aircraft fitted with torpedo, however glide and dive bombing is acceptable. -Players willing to bring torpedo boats are more than welcome to
TASK: Video briefing will explain situation on the day. - This is a team work oriented challenge, it is suggested to work together for authenticity and effectiveness. - Your objective is to destroy the target
Prize: Prizes will be awarded based on team work, bravery, ingenuity and as outlined in the briefing.
-20days Premium x 3
-Unique DC Role for 1 Month HERO of GAME DAY
-Commanders Choice: awarded to best roleplay of the scenario- SECRET PRIZE
RULES: Follow the mission Objectives as outlined in the briefing.
- Follow GM instructions

- Aircraft players have 3 lives

- Target has 1 life (2 if game is too short for some reason)

- Intentional griefing or badsportsmen will be kicked

- Team work is key to a successful day. Don't be shy.

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