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2022-01-04 [] M18 gun sight

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# I have:

# Game version

My game version: (

# Platform

Windows 11 Home

# Description


M18 GMC currently has a gun sight with 3x magnification.

Since its real sight had 3x magnification, it should be set at "standard" 1.9x-3.5x magnification.


Q. Can you tell us what the defined magnification for gun sights is in ground forces? Are all vehicles set to their historical magnification?  
We follow one rule: if the real sights had over 3x magnification - we use the historically accurate value, if it had less - then we use standard in-game one

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. launch game

  2. see m18's gun sight in x-ray mode


# Affected vehicles

  • M18

  • M18 "Black cat"

  • M18(China)

  • M18(Italy)

# Files




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Hi! @dlwlehd

Your report has been forwarded to developers for their consideration.

If something required regarding this report, TM will contact you.

Also if you have any question, please feel free to DM me.

Thanks for your interest and support for game.




Technical Moderation Team

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