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5 cm Sprgr 38 wrong muzzle velocity


# Game version

My game version: (

# Description

The 5 cm Sprgr 38 fired out of the 5 cm Mk214a is only 550m/s while it should be 870m/s (It is only in the Default belt once).

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. choose Me 262 A-1/U4 protection analasiys

  2. take the 5 cm Hei-T round and look at muzzle velocity

# Additional Information

Videos, links etc. Please do not use streamable.com.

# Affected vehicles

  • Me 262 A-1/U4

# Files

You must attach these files:

# Sources


  1. Source 1

    1. Handbuch für Flugzeugbordmunition 1936-1945

    2. http://lexpev.nl/downloads/handbuchderflugzeugbordwaffenmunition19361945.pdf

    3. http://lexpev.nl/downloads/handbuchderflugzeugbordwaffenmunition19361945.pdf#page=38&zoom=80,-569,862

    4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MASkapFd72jTAJwT9


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  • Technical Moderator



Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.  Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.


If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


Thank you again for your support.


Kind Regards, _David_Bowie_

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