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Violations of Rules in tournament (WT9 year tournament)



In the past WT9 year tournament; Gladiators RB, we found a violation of the rules of participation. The accounts of the KUCKA team members were used from several different remote systems (PCs) during battles on 20.11.21 at 16:21 GMT. This indicates account sharing that is forbidden by the TSS rules and War Thunder in general.


Team KUCKA will be fully removed from the tournament. Players ggressiv_, asdrubale69, Golden_Falcon_99, __Supreme, JustComeAndGoat will not be able to participate in any tournament on TSS for next 30 days. Teams from the second and subsequent places in the tournament will be moved one position higher, as follows:

  • 1st place PU_Power
  • 2nd place __
  • 3rd place Yeet
  • etc.
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