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92 Squadron RAF (WoP)


Squadron Leader Bob Tuck here,

I'm sure that alot of pilots have already heard of us, just in case here is some history about our Squadron.

92 Squadron RAF was formed in March of last year.

My idea was to bring together a group of people who had a common interest, namely, Fun and cameradie, and an immense pride to do things right.

All of our Squadron members are very good friends we keep together on a social level through Skype and Ventrillo as well as flying within Wings of Prey. We use ventrillo for comms during flight within Wings of Prey.

The squadron has evolved into something very very special. We have our own set of values within the Wings of Prey game. We are very much into, Gentlemanly Conduct, Honour, and chivalry. We are developing new types of strategies and tactics to keep things challenging and exciting for all of our members.

There is also the new launch of our new Formation flying team:


This gives us the opportunity for every pilot to practice highly disciplined formation flying, which can be usefull in combat.

We have a good compliment of nationalites and cultures, which makes us very balanced in temperament.

We have pilots from; Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, USA, Great Britain.

Recently we have had the addition of three new pilots that have joined us, one of these happens to be a Father and Son partnership which is very special indeed. These new pilots are settling in well.

The Roster is current at the moment,












The list of pilots is growing as is our Squadron.

We also have our own website:


So come and have a look at whats been happening within the Squadron, maybe drop us a line or even join us, would be good to see you.

From me, Squadron Leader Tuck and all of the pilots at 92 Squadron we wish you all well and look forward to flying with you in World of Planes


Squadron Leader Bob Tuck

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Good Post. Ive flown with and against most of your pilots. Great squad. Although we are not as active on Wings of Prey as you guys are we are waiting for World of planes. So im hoping that once it comes out we will become more active in that game and will fly a lot more with you guys. Keep up the good work....dont give up. we have been a group since the cfs days on game zone. Rogues_Snipe.


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Good Day, to all;

Seems we've wandered off a bit, but I assure all that as the weather turns toward the wet and cold side of the seasons, look forward to participating in more air battles againt and with a wider audience and pool of talent this new game offers.

Tip of the hat to all the new pilots out there and good to see a few old comrades in the skies again!

Godspeed and Angels Luck;

92Squadron, xxxxxxx

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Welcome to Warthunder 92Sqdn,

Long time no see, miss are Sat. morning battles...Look forward to meeting you guys in the sky! Sat. mornings in arcade here are 7000-8000 players...you got to get in here and play some!

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