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[Development] New guided aircraft bombs


In the coming major update "Ground Breaking", we have prepared new guided bombs for War Thunder aircraft. Let's see some of them in details!

In the previous "Direct Hit" update, the first guided aerial bombs appeared in the game, it is a special type of guided aerial weaponry that allows you to hit ground targets from a very high altitude. In the upcoming update “Ground Breaking" we will add new GBUs to the game for different playable nations.

AGM-62A Walleye I and AGM-62A Walleye I ER

US-produced AGM-62 Walleye I ER aircraft guided bombs with television seeker have a working distance of about 25 km, so launch can be made from all practical altitudes in the game. The bomb has high quality guidance equipment that provides the pilot with a perfectly distinguishable picture of the area where it is to be dropped. The power of the warhead on the bomb is more than 260 kg in TNT equivalent, this will guarantee the destruction of any ground unit at the point of impact. The AGM-62A Walleye will enter service not only with American aviation (for example, on the F-4E Phantom II that use the AGM-62A Walleye I), but also on foreign models - for example, the Israeli A-4E Skyhawk is armed with AGM-62A Walleye I ER (“extended range”) bombs with enlarged wings with a large sweep angle that increases the gliding range.

BGL-400 and BGL-1000


The guided bombs of French production with a laser seeker that will appear in the arsenal of the Jaguar A strike fighter. The bombs differ in the mass of the warhead and operate by illuminating the desired point of impact with a laser: the operator selects a site on the surface, captures the selected area and launches the bomb, locking on to the selected area until the bomb hits. For guidance across the entire range of these guided weapons, including guided air-to-air missiles and AS-30L Nord missiles, the ATLIS II laser/electro-optical targeting pod is used that has an automatic target tracking and is capable of illuminating targets with a laser even in the rear hemisphere



British free-fall guided bombs that can be researched in the top-tier Jaguar GR. 1A strike aircraft. To launch them, the TIALD laser/optical guidance targeting pod is also used that provides the highest drop accuracy and ease of guidance.

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