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(21.09.2021) [] Incorrect bomb name in modification screen for multiple Italian and German planes (100kg bomb)

# I have:

# Game version

My game version: (

# Platform

PC [English Localization]

# Description

The name of the bomb listed on the modification screen is different from the one unlocked by researching it.

The modification screen reads "MCSAP100" but the bomb that is unlocked is the GP100T

The SAP 100 is a bomb that used to be available for some of this planes in game but was replaced with the GP100T

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Select one of the affected vehicles

  2. Go to the modification screen

  3. Read name of the modification for the 100kg bomb

  4. Go to secondary weapons tab of that vehicle

  5. Compare the name of the unlockable 100kg bomb with the name on the modification screen

# Affected vehicles

Every plane that has access to the 100kg bomb has an unlockable upgrade

  • G.55 sottoserie 0

  • G.55 serie 1

  • G.55S

  • G.56

  • Re.2000 G.A.

  • Re.2001 CB

  • Re.2002 Early

  • Re.2005 serie 0

  • Ro.57 Quadriarma

  • Ba.65 (K.14) L

  • Breda 88 (P.XI)

  • F.C.20 Bis

  • SM.91

  • SM.92     

  • B.R.20DR

  • B.R.20M M1

  • Ju 87 D-3 (Italy)

  • P.108B serie 1 

  • P.108B serie 2

  • S.81

  • S.M.79 serie 1

  • S.M.79 serie 1 (Germany)

  • S.M.79 serie 4 (Germany)

  • S.M.79 serie 8

  • S.M.79 serie 8(Germany)

  • S.M.79 AS

  • S.M.79 AS (Germany)

  • S.M.79 bis/N (Germany)

  • S.M.79 bis/T.M 

  • S.M.79 bis/T.M(Germany)

  • S.M.79 B 

  • S.M.79 B(Germany)

  • Z.1007 bis serie 3 

  • Z.1007 bis serie 5


Change the name of the modification from MCSAP100 to MCGP100 to keep the naming scheme from the other GP bombs (MCGP50,MCGP250 & MCGP800)

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