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KHRIZANTEMA Set, detect targets.

# Game version

# I have:

# Platform

What platform you play on. PC

# Description

Concise issue summary here. Only one issue per thread. The problem is that the destroyed tanks are captured by the radar and set as targets that did not happen before, the same with false positives on the maps, Windmills in Fields of Poland, Oil Pumps in Domination of Poland or Warships in Normandy domination.

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. (launch testflight in vehicle x in gamemode x)

  2. (fire rocket x) 

In the test drive the tanks destroyed by the missile, target destroyed, after the second explosion they revert to being automatically as if they had not been destroyed, over and over again.


Misil 9M123

# Additional Information

Videos, links etc. Please do not use streamable.com.

# Affected vehicles

  • (vehicle name)  · (Khrizantema-s)

# Files

Please attach your files.

shot 2021.09.07 20.55.37.jpg

shot 2021.09.07 20.58.51.jpg

shot 2021.09.07 20.58.53.jpg

2021_09_08_18_02_44__8028.clog DxDiag.txt


2021.09.09 09.58.26 ultima.wrpl muestra.wrpl repeticion 1.wrpl

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The issue with windmills is known. It is intended that the radar detects and locks wrecks, this was added in update 2.9.

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