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21-GO | Type 21 General Purpose Radar


# Game version

# I have:

# Platform


# Description

21-GO / Type 21 General Purpose Radar (Radar Array On The Mast) Currently Only Works As An Air Search Radar, While It's Supposed To Work Both For Naval/Surface & Aerial Targets.

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Test Drive The IJN Aoba

  2. Realize It Only Picks Up Aerial Targets

    1. Can't Switch Over To Surface Mode Unlike Helis Like The Apache

# Additional Information

# Affected vehicles

  • (IJN Akizuki) - Missing

  • (IJN Isuzu) - Missing

  • IJN Aoba

# Files

Please attach your files.

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Third-party websites are not considered sufficient source material, please provide adequate citations as per the information below.


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yes i know this report is a  year old but i figured id make it a actual worthwhile report with better sources.

so  some  updates

vehicles affected:




Isuzu (has Model 7 antenna)




The 21 GO is a dual purpose radar as stated  by the OP sources to confirm this are

""US Naval technical mission to Japan: O-31 "Japanese Surface and General Fire Control" 

http://www.fischer-tropsch.org/primary_documents/gvt_reports/USNAVY/USNTMJ Reports/USNTMJ-200F-0023-0085 Report O-31.pdf


which on page 26 in describing the range clock mentions the following:


the only 1.5M wavelength radar set the IJN had in ship service was the 21 GO, from  this it can be discerned it fed data for use on engaging surface targets.

supporting this is "Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War" by Eric Lacroix and Linton Wells II


which on page 775 mentions that even the early experimental sets could detect ships 


an additional source further  backing this up comes from "Japanese Radar Development prior to 1945" Shigeru Nakajima IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol 34, No 6, December 1992


which on page 19 repeats the above 


hope this is helpful.




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Thanks for the report.

I'll read, investigate, test if needed and get back to you soon.


Regards, Optical Ilyushin

Technical Moderation Team

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