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[] BF 109 Series incorrectly unable to drop bombs singlewise


# Game version

# Description

In Realistic and Simulator gamemodes planes of the Bf 109 series, fitted with the 4x50kg bomb loadout, dont have the option to drop a single bomb, but drop them pairwise instead.

They should however be able to drop bombs singlewise in all gamemodes, not only in arcade.

(The same issue existed and was recently patched for the FW 190 and Bf 110 series.)

# Steps to reproduce the issue
1. Start Testflight in realistiv/simulator gamemode in a BF 109 with 4x50 kg bomb loadout
2. using bomb drop drops 2 bombs


# Affected vehicles
Bf 109 Series from E variant to and including  g6
(every BF 109 that has the 4x50 kg loadout option)


# Additional Information:

Information about bombing in a BF 109 is found in this Manual (Name translates to: operating and loading instructions for the dropping weapon (bombing mechanism)


1045811413_beladevorschriftCover.thumb.P Beladevorschrift_allgemeines.thumb.PNG.1


On page 7 it states as follows:

"Für den Einsatz mit 50-kg-Bomben wird an Stelle des ETC500 ein Roßt mit 4 ETC 50 VIII und 1 ASK-R eingebaut"


It translates to:
For operation with 50 kg bombs, instead of the ETC500, a grate with 4 ETC 50 VIII and 1 ASK-R are to be installed



The aforementioned ASK-R (Drop control box) is the device which controls the bomb drop in many german fighter attacker and strike aircraft. Among other things it it lets the pilot choose between Single drop (Einzelabwurf) and Series-drop (Reihenabwurf) (See image above).

This means Single drop was possible, because an AKR-R controlled the 4x50kg configuration in the BF 109.



# Sources:


The Manual:


Picture of ASK-R:

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Hello, thank you for your interest in improving the game! Your report has been forwarded! :salute:

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