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A possible tournament to win the heavy tank E-100?

A new E100 tournament  

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Hello comrades, 

I would like in the near future, maybe on the 10th anniversary in 2022, to hold in a new event to get for the E-100. As it was done at the Teutonic Giants Tournament or at the 6th anniversary, repeating the same scheme. As a new player (since 2019) and others who are newer, it would be a thrill to participate and feel the adrenaline in such a tournament. Here is a list of reasons, in my opinion, for a possible tournament:

  • New players who have not been able to participate in previous events, developed before 2019.
  • The E-100 is out of stock in the Gaijin Market, and there is no way to get it.
  • In my opinion, E-100 is absurdly scarce, and the times I have come across it, I can count on the fingers of one hand. (And on one occasion, I have annihilated it with my Strv 81)
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