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Copa hispanoamerica y REDA

Im sure ur just mad that they take home the free Decal, GE and Camo.

There is a block on how many fighters you can use.
However if someone lands on the airfield and J's out a teammate can take out a plane aswell because the other one that landed won't count as a fighter spawn anymore.

Enjoy the Decal, Camo, and the GE.
Much Love <3


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medal medal medal medal medal

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English is the default language this forum uses to communicate.


However if you are uncomfortable or unable to communicate in English then you can use the appropriate National Community section.

For Spanish this is here: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/278-comunidad-de-habla-espa/


But please even in that section rants like this are not acceptable.





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