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Gameplay Instructions and Help

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How to post General Gameplay and Balance Issues

All general gameplay issues, including balance, economy and progression.   


This section applies to ALL platforms:


Consoles; please provide video's and screenshots of the issue as well as points 1 - 5 below. 


If you encounter a problem with general gameplay, including balance (e.g. Battle Rating bugs), economy (e.g. incorrect RP or Lion values after a battle) and progression (e.g. research not working), please use the guidelines below.


Squad and Squadron formation, Event or maintenance problems also belong in this section.


To ensure that we are able to help you as quickly as possible, please be reminded that we can only help you properly when the submitted files and information are complete.
Also, be aware that you should only describe one issue per thread. If you experience multiple issues, please open a new thread for each separately, even when the issues appear to be similar.


In addition, please make sure to attach all required files directly to the forums unedited. Externally linked files and compressed files are not accepted (except video's).

Thank you for your help!


If you are using a custom hangar, sound or localisation modification to the client, then please return you client to its 'normal' configuration and test the issue BEFORE submitting a bug report. 

Reports that contain/use ONLY the Protection Analysis tool screenshots as the evidence of an issue will NOT be Approved.  Please ensure that any report has an in-game (Test Drive, Custom, Tournament, Event, Random game) example of the issue as well.  

PC Players:  Please ensure that your use the template/instructions at the top of each forum section.

Click the Yellow hyperlinks that will take you to the instructions on how to provide the information asked for.


Reports that do not follow the guidelines and template will NOT be approved.


Please make sure to summarize the problem in your topic title as short and precise as possible.


To make the report valid and useful, please add the following files and information to your opening post: 

Console players please add your game version number at the top of your report.  (Version: XX.XX.XX.XXX ie:

1. A detailed description of the issue you have encountered. It is also important that you describe how we can reproduce the issue, if you are able to reproduce it.


2. If applicable, the full name(s) of the vehicle(s) affected.


3. If applicable, the difficulty setting (e.g. Arcade) in which the issue occurs.


4. If possible, link a short video showcasing the issue.  (Please do not use steamable, use another streaming site:  Please do not add the entire video to the Forum)


5. Please provide the link to the  server replay


6. Please use the Template/Instructions as guidance for your report at the top of each section.  (PC players MUST provide: Version, Clog, dxdiag, Client replay & relevant screenshots for all reports - as instructed in the template).

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