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An open letter to Gaijin, from the Warthunder Sim Community

Dear War Thunder Developers!


We, players of the War Thunder simulator mode (SB), who play mainly Enduring Confrontation mode, turn to you with what we consider to be currently the most critical matter related to this game mode.


Firstly we would like to thank you for all  the effort you put into our game mode, Enduring Confrontation, detailed cockpits, and VR support.

From our side, we try to show our appreciation to the game from it's very beginning. 

Not only do we play it, enjoy it and bring friends with us to play, but also those who can afford it are happy to spend their money to purchase premium accounts and vehicles.


The problem we now all see with Enduring Confrontation (EC) and reason behind this petition, is the current in-game economy. In a series of changes and especially as result of the latest economy updates, player's progress through ranks has been slowed down to the point of making the game unplayable.

Currently even very good players with premium accounts and vehicles struggle sometimes to generate positive income of in-game currency - Silver Lions (SL). Because of the high skill level entry point of the air combat simulator genre, most less experienced players, who often have kill-to-death ratio (K/D) below one and who on average win 50% of their games, are constantly facing risk of monetary loss. Because of this, their progress in the game is stopped at a very early stage and they often get discouraged from playing.

We understand that the economic changes of the last 2-3 years were largely due to the struggle of developers with abusers and professional “farmers”, but we believe that countermeasures against violators should not deprive honest players of the opportunity to fly in your flight simulator.


In regard to the above, we urgently ask you to improve the economy of the Sim Enduring Confrontation to an acceptable state as soon as possible. This would allow the players to feel comfortable even when playing the now very popular jet planes.

If those changes will not happen soon we sadly foresee substantial outflow of players from our game mode and game altogether. Many left already, but every day more and more people are considering this move. Some will leave as a sign of protest but most will leave out of frustration of not being able to progress in a game they like, even despite having a premium account.



Pilots of the simulator community of War Thunder

@Stona @Smin1080p @OrsonES


The above message is also posted on Russian War Thunder forum:

,translated versions can be found on sub forums of regional communities:



same statement can also be found on reddit:




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my IGN is przybysz86, I am the commanding officer of =HMB=, and I of course endorse this message


I put this here to keep OP clean:

if you want to help, please provide feedback GJ is asking for. Here are instructions on how and where


just please, be factual. I know we have strong emotions but what we need now is a dialogue and a riot

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i consider myself as an average SIM player, and yes, i sometimes do good kd, sometimes not, but i cant have any kind of profit in this gamemode, i play 2 hours only to get 100k sl and 40 or plus in repair, i do 1 match in RB and i can do more, well, i kinda gave up SIM, those repair costs are outrageous, literally unplayable to me

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As a partnered content creator (Brock Retro) for Gaijin Entertainment, I support this letter.

We all have our different viewpoints on the development of sim, but there is an undeniable truth here. The moment you remove the sustainability, and profitability required by newer players to develop their skills... The mode is dead. 

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Today an update was deployed that increased aircraft rewards in SB for aircraft by 31-80%.


We are very keen to hear your feedback after testing the results here: 


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My ING is Metal_l,i am member of WT4CH , and i endorse this message


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