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Planned economy changes in July 2021



Changes to award multipliers, repair costs and related economy parameters of vehicles

Open the full table.

Please note that aircraft repair costs in SB mode are indicated taking into account the reward system for useful actions in combat (see below).


Research lines changes:

  • M8 HMC 一 moved to rank I before M3 GMC.
  • JPz 4-5 and Jagdpanther 一 switched places.
  • M48 Super and KPz-70 一 switched places.
  • M4 748 (a) [Germany] 一 moved to rank III.
  • Valentine (all series) 一 combined in a group and placed before Matilda III.
  • Achilles 一 moved to rank II.
  • Gun Carrier (3-in) 一 moved before Achilles.
  • Charioteer Mk.VII 一 moved before FV4202.
  • Centauro I 105 一 moved to rank VI.
  • Ariete PSO and  Ariete 一 switched places.
  • AMX-30 DCA 一 moved to rank VI.
  • La-15 and La-200 一 switched places.
  • MiG-17 一 moved to rank V.
  • J-4 [China] 一 moved to rank V.


Changes to certain Premium vehicles

The game is constantly undergoing changes that affect vehicles in various ways, which leads to changes in their effectiveness and our reaction to these changes. Apart from those rare cases when these changes are unintentional, we just have to adjust the economic parameters of the vehicle accordingly (for example, position in the research tree or rank) for better correspondence and more logical progress. However, in the case of premium vehicles, such changes are difficult due to the fact that many players have already bought these vehicles for a specific price with specific rank and reward multipliers. Unfortunately, over time the price and/or research multipliers of some premium vehicles stopped corresponding to their game efficiency or BR range, and in this update of the economy we would like to slightly adjust some of these vehicles.

Open the table of changes to the main parameters of premium vehicles

New formula for calculating activity

The current formula for calculating activity is based on two indicators - the number of points earned and the lifetime of the vehicle. In this case, points are used as a direct measure of the player's activity, and the reduction to the lifetime of a vehicle allows levelling of the difference between different players in different game modes. However, the used dependence of points on time is non-linear and is set in such a way that even with a constant rate of gaining points, the resulting activity will decrease as the lifetime increases. In other words, short sessions with a lower scoring rate are in some cases even more profitable than long sessions with a higher one.


We decided to change this algorithm so that it rewards players who play longer within the same battle and maintain their skill level throughout the session. Now, to achieve 80% activity, you need to be in battle for the median time (by mode) and have the median rate of earning points during this time (by mode). And to get activity above 80%, both conditions must be met, i.e. play longer than the median time and earn points during this time at a rate higher than the median.


Because of this, a large number of short game sessions becomes less profitable, and the use of a large number of vehicles in battle is additionally rewarded with a higher final activity - and, as a result, high earnings in research points.


At the same time, there will be a change in the conditions of the "Activist" combat tasks: the required activity in all modes will be 80% for an easy mission, and 85% for average and special missions.

Rewards for useful actions in the aviation SB mode

Previously, we spoke in general terms about problems in this gaming mode and our plan to resolve them. Today we’d like to tell you in detail about changes we’re planning to introduce together with the economy update, or slightly later.
The reward system for useful actions in battle operates as follows: every 15 minutes, scoring occurs for useful action for the specific aircraft, as well as after aircraft loss, or by the mission end. These are the same points that are displayed in the combat statistics window and in which players are sorted. The amount of points scored are reduced to the period of time they were scored, and the player’s activity in battle is calculated for a given period of time with the new activity formula. Resulting activity is multiplied by the maximum reward for useful actions (see the vehicle card) for a given period of time.

 For example, in the La-9 fighter with a maximum reward for useful actions equal to 816 SL per minute, the total reward for a 15 minute period with an activity of 90% will be 816 * 15 * 0.9 = 11.016 SL. If you didn’t play for the 15 minutes and were shot down after 10 minutes with the same activity level, the formula will be 816 * 10 * 0.9 = 7.344 SL. The Silver Lion multiplier doesn't affect the resulting reward for useful actions.


Thus, to get the maximum reward, you have to play as long as you can, keeping the maximum income level. The scoring of points for simply staying near enemies for this reward system will be disabled.


Changes will also slightly affect the mechanics of the deferred reward when landing at an airfield - now the deferred part of the reward that is issued after a successful return to the airfield will be 20% instead of 50%.


Repair costs for aviation in the upcoming economy update will be preliminary recalculated  taking into account this reward system.  At the same time, the 50% discount on revival from the repair price in this mode will be removed and the final reward in Silver Lions will be increased by 30%.


To familiarize yourself with the new reward system, you can take part in special events (check the “Events and tournaments” tab in the hangar), which will be available from July 15th (15:00 GMT) until July 19th (12:00 GMT), where if you find any issues, please let us know about them in this thread .

Testing might be stopped ahead of schedule for technical reasons.


After the results of the testing session, the parameters for calculating useful action rewards has been corrected, based on a longer median lifetime and lower RP gaining rate. Reward for vehicles in the lower ranks has been increased (data in the table are updated).


Reduction of research costs for aviation

Some time after the introduction of the new vehicle rank, we, as a rule, rebalance and reduce the research cost of medium and high-rank vehicles of this vehicle type. The reduction in the cost of aviation research due to the introduction of Rank VII will occur in the next economic update, which is scheduled for late August - early September.


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