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Enemies unregistered on dashboard, like of buggy Spotter System: New of feature))?

Just like the  UNSOLVED  cancel battle problem, the spotter system is a game feature, and it is ruining my matches, it's so broken that there's even missing players on the dashboard, that remain hidden til the point you spot them in the middle of the air 2km away coming at you with more energy than you wish, because they have always been there, but unregistered by my end client so they were basically UNRENDERED. This  FEATURE   is already atrocious in prop battles, but in jets it's just unbearable. It has gotten SO BAD in just a month it's just painful, to go from 100K SL to 5K in ten matches just because an unnotified third party has pounced on you when you have six enemies out of energy, or peacefully drag someone away from the furball for a 1v1 and then you get killed by a plane that wasn't there at any moment but just shows up after the kill has been registered. The funniest part is that I also happen to be sometimes unnoticed and unnotified by the server and end up killing people that looked like completely AFK (yet maneuvering in a 1v1 or 1v2).


My routine is: Go to match, climb up high, spot the enemy, energy trap the cluster 10 minutes after takeoff and suddenly get killed by someone I hadn't seen in the dashboard at any time.

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