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(Additional) STRV 103 Hull aim mode doesn't aim at target

# Circuit / Game Version


# Platform

Windows (Steam)


# Description

When aiming with any of the Strv 103s you will encounter a bug where the vehicle cannot aim directly at a target, it is especially prevalent on any terrain that is not flat, such as the slight decline in the video.

This bug makes it extremely hard and tiresome to aim the main gun of these tanks and effectively makes them useless at long range, which is detrimental to the effectiveness of the tank.

This bug applies to 3 vehicles that I know of, Strv 103-0, Strv 103A, and the Strv 103C, it may also apply to other hull aiming vehicles such as the VT1-2.



# Step to reproduce

  1. First you need to be driving an Strv 103.
  2. Now enable hull aim mode so that mouse inputs are converted to track movements in order to aim the fixed gun.
  3. Finally select a target and hover the aiming circle over it.

# Additional Information

I realize  that the ping indicator in the bottom left of the video shows that I'm on 300 ping, but i assure you that that isn't causing the problem as I' m Australian  and relatively  unaffected by that, I can aim perfectly fine in many other tanks.


# Files

Server Replay of game in which bug is shown.

I have attached the .clog file of the session in which the bug presented itself.


I have also attached my system's dxdiag txt file.


And finally i have attached a short video of the bug preventing me to aim the gun in a random realistic battle.



Full Guidelines

Any report that does not meet the guidelines will not be approved. If you require any assistance regarding Bug Reporting, please contact a  Technical Moderator .

Please, follow "One Issue = One Thread" rule (do not post DIFFERENT / ISSUES THAT LOOK SIMILAR in existing threads, or start a topic about multiple issues).


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This issue has already been reported to the Developers.

Your report has been added to the existing report.

Thanks for helping to improve the game.

Technical Moderation Team

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