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[FWD] [Xbox S X] [] [Controls] [Joystick] Joystick HOTAS not detected

Game Console Name: Xbox Series X

Console manufactured: 03-Jan-2021

Console purchased: End of January, 20/1

Game Console Build: (I believe) 1882

Game Version:


Primary Issue:

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas not detected by game, though it works in other games and on the Xbox dashboard & OS. 


Steps to recreate Issue: 
1. Turn off console (Not required)

2. Plug in and connect Hotas. 
3. Launch War Thunder.

4. Hotas will register as disconnected and the game won’t register any control inputs from the device. 
5. Open Xbox guide and navigate menus using Hotas to ensure it is working. (Not required)


Images and Videos:

Option/Controls menu: 



Short video showing joystick is on & working:



Xbox Series X sticker:


System Console Info:




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  • Gawr_Gura changed the title to [FWD] [Xbox S X] [] [Controls] [Joystick] Joystick HOTAS not detected

Hello! Thank you for making a report out!

I have forwarded this report to the devs.

This post will remain open for 7 days, after 7 days it will lock up automatically.


In the mean time, this post will be open for others to post their issues that are the same and for the devs to ask questions.






Tracking Number: 1-91627

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