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[OKAYU] is recruiting!


Hello, we are semi-competitive clan with chill members from NA and EU who play ground, air, and naval. Of course most of us are also weebs and vtuber enthusiasts but not the weird kind. 

We are mainly an RB clan but some members play AB and SB. We also have an active DCS playerbase.

We generally play 10.7-8.0 squadron battles on weekends EU/NA time and some weeknights NA time. Participation in squad battles is not required but encouraged. 

English only.

Germany apologists and ULQ abusers need not apply. 

Join our discord at https://discord.gg/Dtp34zCx7A and contact Invo for membership

formerly known as AYAME, YABE, TOWA, POMU, FAUNA, and SSRBN.

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