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Those with Series X consoles: if you are using HDR, and are currently displaying 4K at 60FPS, what game-side graphics settings are you using for HDR and for PostFX? It is clear that the PostFX settings for those running HDR are not the same for those without.  It is also clear that the "nits" setting for HDR could change what you wanted to do with PostFX.  And, it is clear that some of this is monitor dependent - but in general, the settings for those of us with Series X and HDR and 4K 60FPS, the differences should be less important than the similarities.  So it would be great to find out what settings you are using in the game for Post FX and HDR?


It would be fine to upload a pic of your settings if you like, so that we can all crowd-source this.  THANKS!! 


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