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asking air Sim player for some help

hello, soo i started playing air SIm recently, but i kind off find it hard to stay stable in a turn or a dogfight, is there something i can do to help me out or is there a plane (8.0 - 10.7) that is eazy to controle (oh i use a mouse and keybord)?

a other think i can hardly see any plane passing next to me since i cant fix my screen on him , is there a way to improve visibility?

and TY

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First things first, you should post this in the Simulator Gamemode subforum, you`ll get more help there.
Now on the topic:
Higher tier jet planes are considerably easier to fly in simulator when compared to most of the propeller driven planes, simply cos of two main things, the absence of torque related to the shaft of prop engines and higher speeds. Most of the beginners in simulator already have some jet, and EC6 and even EC7 are the places we find the majority of beginners, yes i know it seems weird since its top tier, but its 100% true.
Now talking about props, its normal that some of them are unstable, mainly on low speed and high angle of attack turns, some planes are notoriously bad at that, such as the spitfires, but there's some things you can do to mitigate some of the problem.
My tip would be mainly controls configuration, by default the warthunder mousejoystick system works by having a input interface translated to and output interface one, if you pull your mouse the pilot will pull the stick, the problem is, trying to reduce the unstability problems gaijin implemented a ``filter`` in this the system. When imputing something, by default, the pilot will take x time to output the command to the aircraft; thats something that COULD work, but in reality it only makes things worse.
The solution: You'll need to reduce this ''imput lag'', and the only way to do this is setting the sensitivity in the mouse joystick submenu to 100%, in roll and pitch, you SHOULD NOT set it to this value in rudder imput, the best for rudder is 0%, or 1%, cos you dont want to control your rudder with your mouse, but with the Q and E keys, controlling it with your mouse will add a unaturall swaying in the aircraft that will make ligning shots worse. In the general sensitivity you shall make the same changes, 100% to roll and pitch but now 1-15% in the rudder, this will determine how sensitive will the rudder be WHEN PRESSING the Q and E keys.
But, now my sensitivity is way ''sensitive'', i cant control the aircraft... well, now it's the catch, you need to set your mouse DPI to a very low value, 400 is enough generally, this way you'll have a 1:1 imput to output ratio and a way more stable aircraft. But you need to train mouse consistency and you'll need to train a more suble way of using your mouse, cos if you pull it hard, the pilot will pull the stick hard also, and this can cause flat spits and all the rest.

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