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Bug reporting not working...Reporting probable cheater.

I know not the correct place for this but cant post in xbox bugs!


Player *name and shame removed*" he actually did this 3 times to me during one match, kinda looks like he was actively hunting me?


He was actively keeping his turret pointed towards me from basically the spawn.


this was RB and player tags are on to show my position and the guy behind me.



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name and shame elements removed

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Cheaters are not reported on the forum ( fyi: it's not a bug hence the bug report section would not be the correct section anyway) but ingame and/or through the server replay function


For assistance with reporting suspected players you can contact one of the game masters:


Game Masters:
(Contact them via PM if you have problem with: Chat Ban / Chat Moderation / Game Ban (excluding Bans due to Use of Forbidden Modifications / Hacking and Account Security Issues). Note also the languages the GM's can be contacted in.)


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