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(28-07-2021) T25 - Vertical Gun Stabilizer Removal


Tanks affected

  • T25



T25 acquiring a vertical gun stabilizer

Correction from the previous bug report:


Bug description

The T25 in the game is based on the T25 No. 2, with a turret that was not not equipped with the experimental Westinghouse vertical gun stabilizer. This 90 mm gun stabilizer was only installed on the T25 No. 1, with different characteristics over the T25 No. 2.


The T25 in War Thunder has a combat weight of 38.2 tonnes.



Pershing described that the T25 No. 1 and No. 2 weighed 82,310 lb (37.3 tonnes) and 84,210 lb (38.2 tonnes), respectively. The T25 in the game has a matching combat weight to the T25 No. 2.




This pilot vehicle lacked any gun stabilizer, as noted in the armament section.

Medium Tank T25, Pilot #2 datasheet:



Pershing also contained some images of the T25 No. 2, with the pilot vehicle displaying a pistol port on the left side turret and a net stowage rack on the right side turret.

Two images are compared between the T25 in the game and T25 No. 2 from Pershing:

Left side turret (pistol port)



Right side turret (net stowage rack):



Traverse control of the T25 No. 2, showing no stabilization equipment inside the tank.



AFV Technical Situation Report gave a brief development history of the 90 mm gun stabilizer on the T25, continued from the previous report:

April, 1944

Trial of the first pilot T25 medium tank (T25 No. 1) at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG). Production of the second pilot T25 is not ready until the end of the month.



May, 1944

Continued tests of the T25 No. 1 at APG.



September, 1944

Installation of the experimental elevating mechanism and stabilizer on the T25 No. 1 



December, 1944

The T25 No. 1, now being fitted with a 90 mm gun stabilizer, continues an endurance trial at APG.



March, 1945

General summary of the 90 mm gun stabilizer on the T25 No. 1 as noted by APG.



The T25 No. 2 was never installed with the experimental vertical gun stabilizer, unlike the T25 No. 1 that was extensively trialed by APG in both endurance test and gun stabilization test.


Bug fix

Remove the 1-plane vertical gun stabilizer from the T25




Primary Source:

  • British Army Staff – Royal Armored Corps (AFV) Technical Situation Report No. 26, 1944



Secondary Source:

  • R.P. Hunnicutt: Pershing – A History of the Medium Tank T20 Series



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The report has been submitted.

For any questions feel free to PM me or any other technical moderator.

Thanks for your time and effort

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