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Mature Retired Mil Looking for Laid Back Squadron

I am a retired Warrant with over 20 years in the Army which is why I have interest in this game. I have no time or tolerance for drama, PC BS, ect. I am a laid back person with a good sense of humor (albeit somewhat dark that a majority of vets seem to have). I am generally on 2-3 times a week depending on my back (20+ years in the Army is hard on the body). I have play around 3 RB games to get a feel for it but generally concentrate on skill training and unlocking all components on vehicles through PVE. I have vehicles up to 3.7 in some countries. Oh, and I like long walks along the beach...not really.


  • Type of squadron you're looking for casual group of mature players
  • Modes you play Used to play tons of WoT but like the realism of this game. Would prefer RB but would consider any. I mostly play PVE arcade to practice skills so I wont suck in real matches.
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most Been doing mostly ground but am practicing on Air and am open to any
  • Preferred nations I try to play them all
  • Preferred game servers NA
  • Your age 40+
  • Preferred language English
  • Preferred controller type Mostly Mouse + Keyboard, practicing on Joystick for air
  • Timezone / available playing times I can probably play 2-3 times a week depending on my back pain
  • Preferred communication platform I have Teamspeak and Discord,

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ATTN: ADULT PLAYERS - OLD TANK GUYS (old farts that play War Thunder)

- Meet like minded players
- NOT a squadron and no member requirements
- Low tier friendly
- WT News and update feeds
- Diversions when you need a break from WT
- We know what 8-tracks were and how to use a rotary phone
- North America focused times
- No anime, tofu, drama or snowflakes
- Political correctness is frowned upon


* Still building the member/player base. First 10 to visit will get a warm fuzzy, absolutely FREE!!!!

DISCORD INVITE CODE: https://discord.gg/bgneDv9
Web Page: https://www.facebook.com/WTOGT

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We, The Lucky Few, might be a good choice for you. We are an international squadron with emphasis on Teamwork and having fun. We have members who have been with the game since the beginning and are very knowledgeable about every aspect of the game, and are willing to share that knowledge to anyone wanting to learn. 

If you are interested, or have any questions, feel free to join our Teamspeak server: 

Alternatively, you can also send any questions directly to me on the forums.


Good luck hunting!

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Hi GiJoeGamer,


Check us out!





Angels of Death - [AOD]

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a large, active, global gaming community? 

AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community with 20+ years of gaming success under our belts and 2900+ dedicated members across the globe. We currently support 15 different games, click here to view them.


We are a well-established, well-organized gaming community and we greet all players with a warm welcome.


War thunder division of AOD:

- 300+ members in the war thunder division of AOD

- New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100's who can help you out.

- We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks and ships

- Feeling competitive? We play squadron battles and have finished in the top 100 several times (not required to participate in).



- Age 16 or older

- Have a working microphone

- Level 8 or higher in-game

- Active with a good attitude

- Be on our TeamSpeak server while playing


 How to apply:

Step 1 - Visit our website www.clanAOD.net .

Step 2 - Click the apply button to make your profile (or click here) .

- Please make your profile name match your in-game name.

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile; click the apply here and select war thunder to submit an application to the war thunder division of the AOD (or click here) .


Feel free to join our discord:


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Greetings GiJoeGamer,


You might be interested in joining TAW we're an international community with roughly half of our members from NA including quite a lot of Americans. We play planes, ships and tanks at any BR mostly in realistic but we also have a couple of arcade and sim players. We'll have people playing random battles pretty much every day. Besides just playing random battles we also have regular fun custom events where we play with and against each other. We're also always happy to help both newer and more experienced players get better at the game.


If you are interested in joining you can sign up here: https://taw.net/themes/taw/user/application.aspx . If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact me on discord @[TAW] NobSya#5476 or send me an email at [email protected] You can also check out our discord server https://discord.gg/kSprFTkP

TAW is a gaming community 
that includes a lot of retired/active army guys from a lot of different countries. We based our rank system on the American model and our DIVCOM/BATCOM as well so you might find a common flavor in it. I'm looking forward to hearing from you !

Also, don't worry too much about skill, it all comes with time and we are happy to help players getting better through our events and more casual games, you shall find what you're looking for at TAW.



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