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AIM-9D should not have a launch load limit

In game the AIM-9D cannot be launched when you are pulling more than 4G (see images below):



Note the "Load factor too high" message when trying to fire the missile):





However according to NAVAIR 01-245FDB-1T TACTICAL MANUAL NAVY MODEL F-4B, F-4J, AND F-4N AIRCRAFT there should be no launch G limitations:




Suggested solution:


The 4G load factor limit of the AIM-9D should be removed (it should be noted that the AIM-9G already has no load factor limit) on all aircraft carrying the AIM-9D (currently the British Phantom FG.1 and Phantom FGR.2)


The cover of the manual, and the full page containing the referenced text can be found below:





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  This issue has been previously reported to the Developers for consideration.

Thanks for your report, your interest and support for the game.


Kind Regards, Object187

Technical Moderation Team

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