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Nice game especially because it's (free)

Was fun made this acc 2013, and i was wondering why i didn't play this game anymore.


Everything is just to expansive.

This game ask a lot of dedication, a lot of time to get good planes (if you cant pay for planes)

But it takes just to much time.


Love the navel battle.


If i could Pay i would, but i am poor as ****,give players like me a change to earn some gold eagles.

Give me a goal, to get at least a opportunity to fly a bought plain, this will help lots more players.


Love everything about this game, just a little boring



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The game really isnt that bad and you dont have to spend money on the game or incredible amounts of time to get to top tier in the game.

You can even earn premiums vehicles and premium time in game. Play the events get the event vehicles sell them. Hold on to the Gaijin coin for sales buy 1 year of premium and premium vehicles of your choice.

Once you do that getting to top tier is easy and you can a top tier vehicle in a week. Granted a top tier lineup will take much longer and more Gaijin coin if your so inclined.



If you want to keep the event vehicles your going to have to settle for boosters and wagers. Utilize every little bit of the warbonds shop and do all your tasks to get as much out of it as possible.


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12 minutes ago, berlinXpress said:

wow wow wow... 190 battles... and ranting because you are definitly the proto example of "i'm lazy and i want it all!"

Man, if you still didn't understand, this game is like the real world, work your **** off to earn your wealth...


Perhaps he just has little time to play. 

Still, this is a free to play game, which lives from microtransactions. 


The grind to the top content has to be long to motivate players to spend money on accelerating it. 


190 matches in a bit over seven years is a rate at which he will probably never reach jets. 

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