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14 hours ago, warrior412 said:

The Swedish face the American/Chinese M48s as well, yet they still did it, so let’s not pretend that there is not player-basis to the disparity.

Indeed. Because 70k battles have same impact as 8k. :facepalm:


14 hours ago, warrior412 said:

-No single British tank had 37,000 plays

Making sums is not your strong point then... :) I will copy it for your convenience...


British are spammed despite high repair costs, especially 7,0 (46.165 battles 7,0 + 23.992 battles 7,7). Compare it to 7,0-7,7 Germans 30.394 batlles, US 31.747. Clearly US is being minority compared (allegedly barely influential) UK, hence their players are not better, they are just being carried by UK.


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