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I have been playing War Thunder since 2014 or earlier, on and off. Recently, (after a 2 year gap) I decided to come back to it, see how it changed. I discovered that I still suck (lol) and that helping team mates is still frowned upon. (Sigh) I love to be in a team in these kinds of games, love teamwork.


On my skills a bit: Well, I am a passable pilot in Props, and an abysmal Jet Pilot (Please take into account, I recently came back to the game, and new to jet gameplay as a hole) I have been particing a lot in Custom battles, I am deffinitly willing to improve on my skills.


Jet(s) I have: AV-8A Harrier. Yep, It is a premium. Frankly, I was tired after years of grinding and not getting anywhere near jets.




  • Type of squadron you're looking for Casual, friendly atmoshere, with teamwork as a core thing (along with activity) competetive squadrons please no. I dont need a job.
  • Modes you play RB
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most Air, jets. )Harrier
  • Preferred nations USA
  • Preferred game servers EU, US
  • Your age 15
  • Preferred language English (fluent) , and Hungarian
  • Preferred controller type Mouse + Keyboard
  • Timezone / available playing times Depends, when I have time, and due to covid I have lot of time.
  • Preferred communication platform: Discord (Have working microphone and headphone, good voice quality)
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Welcome To The 2nd Pacific Squadron

What is The 2nd Pacific Squadron?
We are a Casual, fast growing RB squadron with the only requirement being 500 squadron rp activity.  In our discord, we have tons of channels for you to use, such as How to Kill guides, history, and memes, just to name a few. We have active voice channels for you to join for squading up, or just to chat. Finally and most importantly, our squadron possesses a warm and friendly atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Form Post: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/509179-ps2nd-2nd-pacific-squadron/
Feel free to message me with questions(edited)

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