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Looking for a Squadron that primarily does historical cb's/cinematics (No mic)

  • Type of squadron I'm looking for: A casual squadron that doesn't focus so much on the competitive aspects of the game but the aesthetically pleasing and historical ones.
  • Modes I play: I can play any game mode, but prefer ground AB and air RB.
  • Type of vehicles I like playing the most: Mostly air and ground, and occasionally also naval.
  • Preferred nations: I'm a USA main but have got at least rank 3 for the others (except naval).
  • Preferred game servers: Prefer EU/RU
  • Your age: 16
  • Preferred language: English
  • Preferred controller type: Mainly keyboard and mouse (Joystick for air sim)
  • Timezone / available playing times: GMT+1
  • Preferred communication platform: Discord or in-game (Unfortunately no microphone)
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