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Disclaimer: I'm kind of new to the mission editor

I've tried using the standard "create waypoint" and it generally works for planes, water and ground vehicles.

But for some reason, as soon as the helicopters pick up speed, the AI just pulls the stick back and they slam into the ground.

Additional info:

All waypoints are at 100m height, the helicopters on spawn are at 100m height. They do the same thing with and without the trigger.

1.thumb.png.1cc71304b5668c291170f0054a8e 2.thumb.png.f4f6c361775ccf7519ae42fb25a2 5.thumb.png.6b2b3ea8ba79f3845bbf0a2e4463

3.thumb.png.c2b565b88968b3a57eb770d36a21 4.thumb.png.bff963b26bf252e59220fbbb3350
1.thumb.png.1cc71304b5668c291170f0054a8e 5.thumb.png.6b2b3ea8ba79f3845bbf0a2e4463


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