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Auto Moving Curser in Game Menus (bad and inconsistent)

I have noticed since the major update "New Power" that the curser moves without input from the HMI pointing device.  In my case the pointing device is my mouse, though this may differ for other players.  I am playing on PC and prefer a mouse to other controls when I am in the game menus.  I notice that when I click on GUI elements such as the friends button to bring up the list of friends I have online, it automatically moves my curser to the new window.  This means that if I am also trying to move my curser to that window, I end up with my curser somewhere in the top left hand corner of the screen.  That is just one small example of where and when the curser will move itself without my control and how it can have a negative affect. 

On December 13th I posted about this on the F.A.Q and Tutorials section asking for information on how to turn it off.  Since the person who responded suggested it, I am now posting this topic here.  In the time between December 13 2020 and now, January 18 2021, I have done some tests with removing re-adding HMI devices such as my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick among other devices to see if there was a correlation.  I was unable to find any correlation, but rather discovered that this curser movement seems to happen sometimes with some menu items more then others, such as the above mentioned friends menu.  I also have noticed that I can sometimes go a day without it happening at all (this makes me very happy).  However, it has begun to, when it happens, happen in more and more places for me.  Some standard trouble shooting measures that I tried are closing and restarting the program, shutting down and resorting my windows computer, systemically unplugging and reinstalling HMI devices.  

In the past month, I have noticed the curser:
- move from the top of a menu to an item in it's drop down when the menu opens (ie: the "chose camo" drop down in the vehicle customizations menu, and many others)
- move to newly opened in-game windows
- refuse to click a button that I am trying to click in the post battle/battle results window and move else where (for example, when I click on "to hanger" button on the bottom right of the window it will auto move to the top left of the battle results window instead of clicking)
- move to the resume button in the pause menu during test drive, even when I am actively trying to move it to another button (ie: return to hanger) in the opposite direction, leading to an annoying yet comical scene where the curser is making small erratic movements while being stuck between the two menu items.  
- center itself on a menu item in the options menu.

I would also like to note that this is an inconsistent issue.  It does not always happen.  When it does happen it is normally right after a click on an item, but not always, other times it does not happen at all.

I can provide a link to a YouTube video demonstrating the issue, I was going to attach a video here, but I am unable to make any video on an acceptable file type for the forum.  I can do MP4.  Since I am unsure of the forum policies on links to outside sources such as YouTube I will post a link to a short video I recorded of a few examples of the issue, as well as it's inconsistency.  

I first noticed this because my wrist was hurting from straining while I subconsciously was trying to counter the auto movement in the "choose camo" drop down menu.  If this is supposed to be a feature, please give an option to turn it off for players such as myself who find it invasive and troublesome, as to my current knowledge, there is no such option.  

Thank you for your time and any help you can provide.  

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1 hour ago, BlueHat1 said:

If this is supposed to be a feature, please give an option to turn it off for players such as myself who find it invasive and troublesome, as to my current knowledge, there is no such option.  


this is indeed a feature that has been added in the 'New Power' update... and there does not seem to be an option (or basically any way) to disable it.

at least (just like you) i haven't found any option either on the launcher or the ingame settings (not even in the game configuration files)

  • Interface navigation using a gamepad and keyboard has been improved. D-Pad on the gamepad and keyboard arrows move the mouse cursor over the interface elements.

source: https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/1167


now the thing is that it should not interfere with the mouse input - and it doesn't do what you described for me... it may be related to your mouse. if you

are using a mouse with extra buttons and / or a control software that is somehow emulating keyboard inputs the game may interpret them incorrectly.


for me the cursor is only jumping to the next GUI element when i press the up / down / left / right arrow keys on my keyboard but never when i use my

mouse. i also dont have any issues clicking any buttons and the cursor is also not automatically moving to any newly opened windows (friends list etc)

or pulldown menu options.


so... what kind of mouse are you using ?!


ps: i agree that there should be an option to disable this behaviour ^^

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I am using a Logitech G602 Mouse.  And yes it does have extra buttons that emulate the 1-4 on the keyboard, but not in game.  I have in my RB controls list, one of the buttons set to launch rockets, and it does that rather then what #4 does non the keyboard.  So in that case the game would be interpreting my mouse as a keyboard input, but also treating it as a normal 11 btn mouse.  Weird. 

I don't know how I would get rid of the software that runs the mouse without getting a new mouse.  I would like to keep the mouse that I am using as I like it.  So yes a way to disable this feature would be appreciated.  Thanks for the input relliK.

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