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Possible Fixes for Suicide Pilots in Ground Battles? (AB)

Maybe award a kill credit for a pilot destroyed while diving on you with no chance of pulling out, using the plane like a gun blazing kamikaze missile with no chance of survival?


Just curious...there doesn't seem to be any penalty for doing this, and perhaps there should be?  I'm all for encouraging multiple ways to engage and love having AAA/Gv's vs. Aircraft available in the fight, but if you caused a plane's death by protecting yourself with terrain and the only way they could secure a kill on you is to come in from high noon without hope of pulling out...well, isn't that causing an aircraft's destruction?


I've had planes auger in and miss...crashing into buildings next to me, trees, ridges, ect.  No one is awarded a kill and the person taking the slot and hopping into the plane ride gets happily back into their ground vehicle if they've parked it intelligently and continues merrily onward without consequence.


Just wondering...







*edit* oops...there's probably a better section for this post -> sorry!

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Wrong section...
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