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Welcome to NFMG- If you looking for a squad to play SRB look no further than NFMG, good bunch of people and looking to get multiple srb matches going at once! 


1. Have 500+ RB Games

2. Have a rank IV vehicle for tanks and planes

3. Be 14+ years of age

4. Have a working microphone

5. Be active in game and in the discord

6. Have a positive attitude (we don't accept salty players)

In NFMG we pride ourselves on being an active and welcoming community. We require each member to be a functioning part of the squadron and actively encourage all members to have high levels of activity in both the text channels and VC's. We actively encourage all members to have a go at squadron battles to try out something new. We ask that if you are intending on being in the squadron simply for squadron points please do not join us because we're all a team here and will not tolerate slackers


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