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    Hello! We are the 1O5th "Helljumpers" a brand new Squadron to Warthunder but created by veteran players! Our goal is to give a place for Sim/RB players to spread their wings a little and take to the skies with likeminded people. We offer a very chill, though skilled, roster of players and are looking to expand.  The only requirement that we have is activity, no set activity amount just for you to be at least somewhat active. We understand life happens, and you play other games, sometimes you need a break for a while. So we aren't going to just go around kicking people for missing a week or two, we want to provide a place you can call home when you return from whatever journey you might be on. 




     We are currently recruiting for a Squadron Battle team and would love to start doing that once we get enough players who are interested in that! We consider ourselves decent players and think we have a shot and doing quite well in that field. If you are interested in that be sure to mention it when you join!




   If you're interested just look for us in game under Community -> Squadrons -> Squadron Search -> "Helljumpers" you can also just message me here, or join our Discord (link below). Either way, I hope you have an awesome day! See you in the skies, on my wing or in my sights!


Discord: https://discord.gg/fg4bqj62fr


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"FrootLoopJunkie" - Co-Founder of 1O5th "Helljumpers"-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1O5th, Feet First Into Hell!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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