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This is like a pre bug report type post to see if anyone else has anything to add.


image.thumb.png.a0e837f7c9bca3acde942827 86979952_shot2021_01_1013_33_18.thumb.jp

(ignore other stats)


Anyway a Sherman VC is an M4A4 with 17 Pdr but the hefty weight gain in game stats has always made me wonder how accurate that is, in game it's 35.3t (I'm assuming t is metric tonne).
In game a regular M4A4 weighs only 30.5t which is surely an underestima te as the hull is lengthened compared to other Shermans which already weigh about 30.6t in game. Looking at the things below it seems more like the M4A4s weight is just underestimated more than anything else. 


Unloaded weight by US technical manual:





The British sources sound about right right and the VC mass matches. 




That Zaloga book gives a bit of a heavier estimate on M4A4:





shot 2021.01.10 13.33.02.jpg


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I'm sure that the M4A4 and Sherman VC are modelled with a Wright radial engine and not the multibank, might this have something to do with the weight listed in game? perhaps they've copied and pasted the stats from an M4A1 for the M4A4?

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