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You want to open squadron vehicles but are you looking for a temporary squadron ?:dntknw: There is a squadron just for you ;

B.H.T :salute:

Brotherhood Of Tulpar

War Thunder Community Squadron Link





Who are we?

 - We are experienced players who have been playing this game for many years, who believe that the real purpose of the games is to have fun and to get away from all the pandemonium. :good:

 - We do not discriminate on any issue. We have members who play tanks, planes, ships, helicopters (submarines in the future :vanga:).


What can we offer you?

 - It's a great squadron where you can play with people while opening vehicles and also get various information about the game and general but if you want just you can stay while opening your squadron vehicles. 


Application conditions:

 - You must open at least 1 Vehicle at Tier II in the plane or tank.

 - The official language of the squadron is Turkish, but if you plan to be permanent, we do not stipulate this to join us. Don't worry you don't need to speak.

 - You must to join our Discord Server to join our squadron. It is for registration purposes only and is for member and activity control. This mean is no need microphone.



 - We also play squadron battles for fun. You can play if you want. Vehicles can be opened quickly:lol2:


You can be make sure that we will host you in the best way possible. Stay well :snowgirl:

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