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2S6 ADATS & CO , plus RB spawn point system, totaly ruin planes CAS in mixed battles. It's impossible since 2 years now....

The video above resume most of problems. Take in count this just a best of you can do in plane in mixed battle actually. Most of the player exploded in pieces before approaching ground fight  at less than 3Km.

In march 2021 it will be 2 years of torture for planes CAS, with 1980-2000's SAM vs 1960's planes (most of 70's planes are half modellised, CCIP ATH absent or Anti radar missiles absent).

Add to that the Fancyful repair cost of this planes:

-F-100D 29000 lions for being explodes without seeing anything by an AAA who wipee you in 2 clic and can spawn 3 times every 14 seconds with 14 seconds spawn protect....

Next step is killing without spawning with one button.

-Half modelised jaguar 35000

-Super mystere B2 The FAMOUS TERROR OF THE SKY 38000 lions

- G91 YS same as SMB2 39000 lions.

-F86 k 32000 lions

-Q5 38000 lions.

And the list is looooooooong.

Seriously who was killed in tank by planes this month in top tier rotation?


And compare to this KA 52 11000 lions, UHT 10000 lions.

Where is the logic? 2 years of this madness. When gaijin will work on it?

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You hit the nail on the head regarding this issue in current gameplay for air players. 1970s Jet with no MAW, no anti-radiation missile and electronic warfare against 1990s AA defense systems and heli. Even top tier heli missiles can lock all aspect while best Phantom missiles can only lock rear aspect. 


However, look at what happened to Desert Storm in the early 2000s, once US gained air superiority, there is literally nothing Iraqi ground forces can do. Similarly from a gameplay perspective, it would not be fun for ground forces players at all. Imagine a F15 using electronic warfare to jam 2S6 or ADATS radar so they cannot lock on to friendlies, fire anti-radiation missile to take them out from 20k feet,  laser guided JDAM with pin-point accuracy dropped on capture point or 286 might mouse rocket spam by a super sonic F4E. Does this sound fun or enjoyable for any tank player? Hell, if you want to experience that right now, play ground RB BR8.0-9.0 as UK or US. Feel the helplessness when G91s nuke you from the air while rank 6 AA with their limited effective range is unable to cover you at all.


TLDR: play air sim, top tier mix battle sim should be effectively called ground and heli sim. 


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