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EULA and tournament rules violation in the Gladiators CUP RB tournament (08/01/21)

In connection with the received complaints regarding EULA and game rule violation by teams “EzPiZy” and “___” in the Gladiators CUP RB tournament; we have checked the whole situation. The result is that in the match A29, conducted between teams “EzPiZy” and “BRUH” and in the match A30 between teams “Verve” and “___”, players Knodels and WindXABK used an exploit that allowed a reset to the zone capture progress for the team that had the advantage. In effect,  they blocked the continuation of the mission rounds by waiting for the timed end of the match by preventing their opponents from completing a fair match.


Players keve20, _Foxwpzdc_, _tonyolo_, WindXABK, x_Andrew_x, Knodels, BaroN303, [email protected], _V1nny_, I__Nemesis__I, Renamedovich and _botya_ have been banned from the game until 19:00 GMT on the 8th of January, disqualified from the Gladiators CUP RB tournament and will not be able to take part in any tournaments on the TSS until 30 days have elapsed (7th of February 2021).


Players Knodels and WindXABK have been banned from the game for 14 days for EULA violation (1.6. Prohibited Uses. You agree that you will not: d).  Use cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third party software designed to modify or interfere with the Product or any Gaijin game experience).


From the publication date of this news, any players who use this or an equivalent exploit will be banned for 14 days or permanently in case of a repeated offense.

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