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Heinkel He 100 wrong engine performance


Lately some first source documents from the manufacturer/factory have come into my possession and have brought to my attention a series of errors in a many areas regarding this aircraft.
In this bug report in particular, it pertains the engine power and maximum altitude of the engine used in He 100 V4, which is the basis for the "0 series" He 100 or "D series" as is also commonly known.
No other engine specifications are listed posterior to V4 that may suggest a different power output which highly suggest that this version was the one retained for posterior versions. 

This error applies to realistic battles and simulator battles.

The engine in game has a max power of 990HP with a take-off power of 1050HP and a max altitude of 9500m.
The documents report a max engine power of 1100HP as take-off power. And a maximum altitude of 11km

Attached below are a screenshot of the engine performance in game on a spaded unit and a screenshot of the document in question it originates from, together with a link to the corresponding document that sources it
Dokumentation He 100  From page number 33 

Special thanks to discord user L963 for translating the documentation to english.

Thanks for your attention.


Screenshot 2021-01-07 160952.png

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I'll try to discuss the points one by one.


- engine power: DB601 with early supercharger (critical power at 4000m) have an output of 1100 PS, which corresponds to 1085 HP. a deviation from 1085 HP down to 1050 HP is a 1% deviation, which is within tolerance for a FM (+- 5% is acceptable).

- A boost @ 2480rpm is non the most standard setting for the DB-601, which generally uses 1.4 ATA at 2400rpm

- Maximum altitude, as many variables of the stat card, is unreliable. I was able to reach 12 km altitude with the He-100D, so it certainly is not limited to 9,5km altitude.

- Aircraft matches the speed value for sea level, 2km, 5 km and exceeds 8 km by 20 kmh, which makes me say that engine power is fine.


Based on the above, I don't see any issue aside from minor deviation due to game engine / limitations

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