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Rptd: [] EBR faulty gearbox and traction

Full name of the vehicle affected

E.B.R. Panhard (1954) — AB/RB/SB

Detailed description of the problem (illustrated by a video)

Especially in RB, but also in AB, the new E.B.R. Panhard (1954) has a very bad mobility on grass, or even worse sand, and is essentially stuck when playing snow maps. In addition, the vehicle agonizes on slopes on grass or sand passed 10°.



Real life E.B.R. dealing with much worse slopes that it can handle in War Thunder.


Even on perfect road and in RB, the E.B.R. cannot reach its theoretical speed of 105 km/h and the speed saturates around 70 km/h. In AB, and again in perfect conditions, the maximal speed of 115 km/h is reached on a road after more than 2.5 km, but quite slowly once the speed of 70 km/h is reached. In RB, when finally reaching 70 km/h and decelerating slightly to 50 km/h, the vehicle struggles to increase its speed again, with the gearbox messing up (tested on max level 150 + expert).



Source of the problem

The main problem seems to be the gearbox which has only 6 gears in-game, compared to 10 gears for the AMX-10RC or 7 gears for the German Sd.Kfz 234/2 and 4 – Puma and Pakwagen, 3 vehicles with a top speed 10% less than that of the E.B.R.

In addition, the Sd.Kfz 234/2 and 4 have 6 of their 7 gears active between 0 and 40 km/h, while the E.B.R. only gets to 3rd gear around 35 km/h (38 km/h in AB). The 4th gear and 5th gears are used around 42 and 52 km/h, and the 6th gear is active passed 63 km/h (70 km/h in AB) until the theoretical maximum speed of 105 km/h in RB (but I never reached more than 70-75 km/h) or 115 km/h in AB (reached after a long drive of more than 2 km)


Note that the in-game number of gears of a vehicle is most often unrelated to the number of gears of the real-life gearbox of the corresponding vehicle, and is adapted to the game physics (the AMX-10RC went from 5 to 10 gears in-game after a similar bug report, compared to 4 gears in real life).


In addition, on more difficult terrain (grass, sand, slope), the problem with the gearbox  of the E.B.R. is cumulated with the bad traction of the vehicle which does not exploit its 4 middle tractor wheels.



Some historical notes

I provide below the link to the full maintenance manual of the E.B.R which shows that each driver (in the front and rear) had access to a double gearbox (4 gears each) whose gears could be combined, for a total of possible 16 gears (same in reverse, thanks to a “gear inverter”). The manual actually specifies the combination of gears to start the vehicle which would depend on the nature and quality of the terrain, and also indicates the optimal order of the different gears depending on the terrain.

For completeness, here are a few official documents used by French E.B.R. tankers which I happily share with the devs (safe Dropbox links for these documents scanned in PDF):


From page 12-13 of the maintenance guide (page 8 of the PDF document), I copy below a sketch of the double-gearbox system (4 gears each, respectively labeled with standard and Latin numbers) for the two drivers.



Double gearbox (“boîte (de vitesse)”) for the two drivers (front/”avant” and rear/”arrière”): the so-called “road gearbox” (“boîte route”) and “varied gearbox” (boîte variée”)



On page 14-16 (page 9-10 of the main PDF document), the guide advises to start the vehicle in gear [II,1] on road or [I,1] in difficult terrain or on a steep slope. On road, the normal order of gears is [I,1], [II,1], [III,1], [IV,1], [IV,2], [IV,3], [IV,4] (8 gears effectively used), while the “variée” (varied) gears I, II, III, and IV would be more extensively exploited on difficult terrain. The manual also mentions that the engine can be pushed up to 3900-4000 rpm without problem (“sans inconvenient”; bottom of page 14), whereas it is limited to 3700 rpm in the game, which is essentially never reached, in practice.



Fix of the problem

  • It is out of the question to model the complex double-gearbox of the E.B.R. and its 16 effective gears, but the number of gears of the vehicle in-game should be drastically increased (keeping the same gears in reverse), at least to 10, in order to increase its mobility and to better span

                 o the low-speed regime (in particular, currently, the 3rd gear activates much too late, around 35 km/h in RB and 38 km/h in AB);

                 o the high-speed regime between 50-60 km/h and the top speed (currently, the vehicle is in 6th gear between 60/70 km/h and the top speed of 105/116 km/h in RB/AB).

  • In addition, the traction/power penalty of the vehicle should be lowered on difficult terrain to at least roughly simulate the increased traction provided by the 4 middle wheels. In the future, a visual improvement could be to model the (automatic) lowering of these wheels on bad terrain (like in some other tank game…).


 clog (safe Dropbox link):  https://www.dropbox.com/s/gjuudoovaa1gulp/2021_01_06_17_22_43__20944.clog?dl=0

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  • KnightoftheAbyss changed the title to Rptd: [] EBR faulty gearbox and traction

Hi No_Camping,
                      Thanks for your report and help improving the game.  

Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.  

If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


Thank you again for your support.

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