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Spec Requirements to Max Out WT in 2021 - Help needed

Hi there


I'm planning to put together a new PC to run this game on maxed out settings in VR and in 4K. My current GTX 1060/16 GB DDR3/7700 HQ notebook can run it on Medium, so I guess I need better gear than that. 


Budget is 2500 €.


I'm not up to date with current tech so I'll need some help to plan my new gear. If you have a suggestion then please share it.








Main Board




Power Supply

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it will run war thunder in movie setting 4K but it will be between 50~60 FPS, but if you can swap the 3070 with 3080Ti for 80~100 FPS.

in my opinion 4K is still out of reach for graphicly demanding games, 1440P is the sweet spot for gaming, with the 3070 you can get between 120~160 FPS in 1440P & high frame rate is a must when it comes to VR 

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