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about Mk.13 torpedo variants used in war thunder

There are 5 different Mk.13 in war thunder's code.

-us_569mm_22_5_in_mark13_torpedo.blkx (This one is used for PT boats, 30kts speed,  5'210m (17'093.18 feet) range, arming distance 50m)

-us_mk13_torpedo_no_case.blkx (Used on aircraft. 33.5kts speed, 5486.3999m (18'000 feet) range, no arming distance)

-us_mk13_torpedo.blkx (Used on aircraft, this is the Mk.13/44 variant, same stats as the one above, 50m arming distance, can be dropped from 250m)

-us_mk13_torpedo_tutorial.blkx(has more explosives)

-us_mk13_torpedo_weak.blkx (travels 2000m, and doesn't have any explosive mass, uses the old war thunder HP damage system)


The first 3 are the ones we're interested about.



You can see that the torpedo doesn't have any rings near its propellers.

In war thunder, all aircraft Mk.13 torpedoes have a ring. The PT boat one doesn't. 

Meaning aircraft torpedoes are later variants.

Now. all mk.13 in war thunder have 178kg of TNT.

part2 (navy.mil) Here, page 80, the Mk.13 is stated to have 600pounds (272.155kg) of TPX (torpex)

However, in the link below, under the warhead section, they do mention the explosive is TNT and not torpex.


page -9- chapter II

Which equals to 181,44kg compared to the 178kg we have in war thunder.


Now. These pages are interesting

Torpedo Mark 13 (maritime.org)

Because here we find a lot of info about the Mk.13-1



That's the mark 13-1, you can see it doesn't have a ring around the propellers.



And that is the mk.13-1 in war thunder


which has a ring.

As the ring came with mod 6 or later, and cannot be found in the maritime.org link,

Safe to say, it's a modelling error. Current 3d model in war thunder is the one found on later modifications such as the mod.10 which employs torpex as explosive.

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The issue is known.


The aerial torpedo MK13-2 (aka Mk13 Mod 6-7-8-9), named "MK.13/44" in game should have more explosive, being Torpex, not TNT indeed

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