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Affected vehicle(s): MiG-21PFM


Issue: MiG-21PFM is missing modifications and loadouts for R-3R.


CLOG: 2020_11_28_16_53_20__26708.clog


Fix(es) required: As the MiG-21PFM is currently already modeled with an RP-22 radar in-game, the only change required is the addition of the 2x R-3R missile loadout and modifications for it. (Should be added directly under the R-3S in the bellow photo, and require the R-3S to be purchased already to research).



Notes : 

The MiG-21PFM Type 77 was a testbed (serial number N76210725) and was used to test the R-3R air-to-air missile as well as the RP-22S radar. The technology developed would be applied to future MiG-21s in Soviet service. It would enter later with other changes (more pylons, SPO-2 RWR) as MiG-21S. This should qualify the RP-22S and R-3R as a modification for the MiG-21PFM as this is the same situation that the Harrier GR.1's SRAAMs are in, and they are in-game for it. This is not to be confused with the Indian Airfo rce MiG-21PF Type 77 which used a different radar (RP-21) and the older engine of F-13. 


Here are some photos of MiG-21PFM N76210725 with the R-3R visibly fitted (note, the caption as MiG-21PF is wrong, you can see from the tail planes and my other sources that it is a PFM). Further, it cannot be the Indian Type 77 as those were not built in Russia, but under license in India (and those could not fit R-3R as they used the older radar): 



This source makes clear mention of the MiG-21PFM Type 77 both having the RP-22 radar and being a PFM. It further clarifies any misconceptions that could be had about the fact that this aircraft was indeed Russian, not Indian.



Further, the RP-22S does not affect the ability for the plane to fire the Kh-66 or RS-2US beam-riding missiles. More information on this subject here: eHQS8Wx.png





   Yefim Gordon "Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21: Famous Russian Aircraft "

     Book used for above photos of MiG-21PFM N76210725. Page #109.

     Cover photo: 



  Yefim Gordon "Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons Since World War II"

    Book used for info on Kh-66, RS-2US and their ability to be guided by planes with RP-22S radar. Page #116.

    Cover photo:





  From website http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft19985-3.htm which is an archival site for photos and captions of Soviet aircraft test programs. It confirms this plane is serial N76210725 (use control+F for "N 76210725") and clearly shows it to be a PFM (2 pylons and distinctive saddle fuel tank, revised tail) and fitting R-3R (missile is clearly visible).




    Site makes very clear that MiG-21PFM Type 77 was indeed a PFM and not a PF/FL/PFS. https://www.polot.net/en/mikojan_i_guriewicz_mig_21_pfm/historia


   Site makes it very clear that some MiG-21PFMs with RP-21M could also fire R-3R. http://www.airvectors.net/avmig21_1.html

Edited by CMDR_Atkinson
1) spelling error "fixe(s)" to "fix(es)" , 2) correction of errors regarding MiG-21PFM Type 77 , 3) update of required changes , 4) cleaned up sources , clarification of change
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Our consultants have checked the image presented so far of the experimental variant of the PF/PFM and given us the following information today:



"This is a unique, experimental PF/PFM equipped with RP-22 radar , while production aircraft have RP-21M and cannot carry R-3R. This is also evident as the experimental variant has the F-13 style canopy, whilst our PFM has the later style one thats correct for the Soviet PFM"


As such with the current sources, R-3R is not possible on the MiG-21PFM variant we have in game.

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