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Custom Vehicle Skins Advice

When talking about such, ground forces when creating custom templates create a transparent black background with nothing else where as air forces creates a full template. I heard in order to get said ground vehicle skins I had to use the asset viewer. This never works for me. For my first question, and don't send me no videos on how because I promise you I watched them all, could someone please explain it to me. Second of all. Is there a way to extract the models themselves to be imported into a program like Substance Painter to make texturing easy whether it be a plane or ground vehicle because due to the texture maps and vertices being all over the place I rather it be more suitable to import something into Substance Painter. I used to to 3D modeling for quite some time and I have access to Substance Painter. It makes it rather easy than trying to identify what is what on a UV Map. I appreciate any advice and tips on this.

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