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Hey there... Yep, Thats Right.. I found a forum area I can actually post in ;)

Now yer all DOOMED !!!


So about me... emm .. 
(Smiles Sweetly )
Hi, am Wayne. Used to play this game on the PC, a while back, but now mainly play on the Xbox One for fun now.
Prefer the aircraft to the rest of it, as the controls are all weird ( Especially the Boats ).

Real Stuff: Am 49 years young, hailing from Scotland. Spend a lot of my time online with the PC or Xbox, and don't own a TV !!

What am looking for is a squadron / team to play along with. Am only a newbie / Casual player. Prefer the Bombers ( but in random games, no one protects the bombers ) as that is the way I can play and fly easily !! ( PS: I suck **** at Spitfire, always getting shot up before I can kill )

I do want to get into the game a bitty more, and am dredging my way thru the forums and yt links to get a better control setup !!

So thats about it from me, as am in dire need of a Coffee !!! ( Elixer of Life .. otherwise known as " Anti Murder Juicey Juice !! "


Feel free to say hello ;)

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Hello and welcome!


If you're looking for a squadron to join I've provided a link to the "looking for squadrons" part of the forums for you here.


Glad to have you on board, looking forward to seeing you around on the forums. :salute:

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