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Hot Tracks Hot Mess - Crashing and instabilities and Glitches


I'm frustrated at this point. None of the issues I reported were resolved in any way.


Still suffering the following issues:

1- Crashing midgames - Game quits to desktop

2- Crashing when the game ends (Recently with hot tracks update) Game quits to desktop even before I get the report.

3- Continuous freezing for a minute or so.

4- Graphics glitches. Several tanks seem to have their Specular Map/Glossy Map tiled/repeated more than they should on the mesh body of the tanks.


All those issues surfaced after OpenGL was removed as an option. I don't know what the devs. did wrong but this is becoming an non-playable game for me. This should be my last report. I'm done reporting for no results or serious fixes to even one of those issues.


Gaijin do your own testings before you roll out buggy updates. how hard is that??


Here's the stuff y'll call for and they're the same as before:


Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 1.38.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 1.23.57 PM.png

54834479-5F56-4451-9C0F-4DEB867DB279.dmp 2020_12_20_13_17_57__684.clog 2020_12_19_21_54_44__5318.clog 10C14F36-2A28-4A6A-ABE8-70B3EE2C5815.dmp 2020_12_19_21_40_06__5211.clog D779A8E1-2506-4817-A46E-05CC44052B4A.dmp 2020_12_19_21_26_19__5040.clog 2020_12_19_17_18_00__4034.clog 0939AC53-8140-4862-A385-8E55E547FE29.dmp 2020_12_19_00_37_41__822.clog 2020_12_17_21_42_29__2048.clog 5D47B363-7F4F-4A02-8D2C-E05AB6BB90A6.dmp

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Data is in hands of dev's as they try and find cause and fix.

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