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Possible Xbox Live Gold/WT bug with Hot Tracks update.

One of the new features with this latest update "Hot Tracks" is that you can now sign into War Thunder without an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but you are limited to single player activities only. Myself & numerous members  from the War Thunder Players Club have been experiencing getting knocked off of multiplayer network enabled games after a few matches. The only remedy we have found is to restart War Thunder to reset it to have network enabled multiplayer activated, the cycle repeats itself but with random frequency of the number of multiplayer matches you have played. Myself & others may be missing something like overlooking a network enabled box to click like we used to have in a older version of War Thunder, or possibility it may be connected to the new feature of being able to sign in to War Thunder without an Xbox Live Gold subscription. 755024791_WarThunder(157).thumb.png.3042 137486284_WarThunder(156).thumb.png.d19f            

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