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IXWA Strike - Next major update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion



Welcome to the War Thunder - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion thread!


Here you can discuss everything related to the new update - such as rumors and other related discussions.


Please avoid these types of discussions:


-Wish listing there's a separate thread for that  here

-Specifics of vehicle specs like armour, ammo, guns, data sheets you can make a thread  here

-Bug reports you can make a thread  here


Not avoiding these discussions will result in your post hidden by a moderator.


Please use the  New Power update thread to discuss Update "New Power". Complaining here won't solve anything. 



Q: What is this thread about?

A:  This thread is about the upcoming patch  and future content.


Q: Will you add...?

A: No. We are no developers, just nosy players.


Q: Why isn't [vehicle] on the list?

A: Either because there is no evidence that this vehicle will be added, or because no one told me that there is such evidence.


Q: Why is [vehicle/feature] on the Denied list?

A: Because said feature or vehicle was denied by Gaijin developers or their representatives at some point in the past.


Q: Where did my post go?

A: Off-Topic comments will often be hidden (not deleted) to keep this thread readable and on topic. No need to be alarmed or comment on the disappearing post(s), if concerned then PM Forum Moderators or Seniors.


Q: When will we get the patch?

A: Currently our best guess is between February of 2021.


Q: What if I don't want to read all these pages to find out what will come?

A: Read the OP. I and moderators will frequently update it with new information.


List of stuff related to next update, what we know so far:


This is the list of stuff we know has been confirmed, plausible, denied and also data mine related stuff to the next update.




Stuff from the dreadnought trailer that is harder to identify for certain. Apologies for the lack of specific sources.

Ships:  Alaska class Cruiser 



Recent Datamines:




General overview of stuff collected over the last few updates, updated regularly:

Stuff that has been confirmed officially by Gaijin will have " Confirmed: " in front of it.






Aircraft general

  • Drop tank mechanics (CDK finds, however currently not deemed necessary by developers)
  • Developing missile battle system beyond visual range - Source 
  • swing wing mechanics
  • Mavericks being worked on Source


US aircraft


German aircraft


Russian/Soviet aircraft


Great British aircraft


Japanese aircraft


Chinese aircraft


Italian aircraft


French aircraft


Swedish aircraft


Other aircraft


Ground forces:



Ground forces general

  • Regenerative steering - Source
  • Time fused shells - Source 1 / Source 2
  • Damage model of wheeled vehicles for damage to suspension and wheels - Source
  • Single player ground campaign in the works - Source
  • New Japan map - Source
  • More wheeled vehicles - Source


US ground forces


German ground forces


Russian/Soviet ground forces


Great British ground forces


Japanese ground forces

  • More Type 74 models, such as Type 74 F - Source


Chinese ground forces


Italian ground forces


French ground forces


Swedish ground forces





Naval general

  • New naval game modes - Source
  • Texture updates for PT boats' 37mm M4. - Source

  • tt_tta53_50_533mm for Riga class frigates.
  • turret_127mm_mk32 is a slightly more modern 5 inch side arm for U.S. cruisers. - (Source)
  • turret_140mm_50_type3_twin was for the experimental IJN CL Yubari and as some minelayers or seaplane tenders. - (Source)
  • turret_203mm_mk12_triple was used on some of the more modern US heavy cruisers, namely the Wichita/Baltimore/Oregon City classes. - (Source)
  • turret_130mm_bl109a_twin and turret_305mm_sm31_triple? - used on "Stalingrad" class Heavy Cruiser(Source)


US navy


German navy


Russian/Soviet navy

  • Kronshtadt - Source
  • Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya - Source  
  • "9M39 Igla on MPK pr.12412 currently WIP, to receive feature in a future update"


Great British navy

  • Section empty


Japanese navy

  • Section empty


Chinese navy

  • Confirmed: Plans for the Chinese navy - Source


Italian navy

  • MS74 Serie 2a (Torpedoboat)  - Source


French navy

  • Section empty


Swedish navy

  • Section empty





General helicopters

  • Section empty


US helicopters

  • YAH-64 images were accidentally uploaded to the PS4 store.
  • YAH-64 was in the Ka-50's dev blog clip by mistake - Source


German helicopters

  • Section empty


Russian/Soviet helicopters

  • Section empty


Great British helicopters

  • Confirmed: Plans to develop the British helicopter research tree - Source
  • Confirmed: Considering more helicopters, specifically the Westland Wessex - Source


Japanese helicopters

  • Section empty


Chinese helicopters

  • Plans for Chinese helicopter research tree (might come in 2021) - Source 1 / Source 2


Italian helicopters

  • Section empty


French helicopters

  • Section empty


Swedish helicopters

  • Swedish helicopter tree "most likely" - Source


Other helicopters

  • Mi-24 Superhind not excluded as a possibility - Source
  • Denel Rooivalk not excluded as a possibility - Source
  • T129 ATAK not excluded as a possibility - Source





General submarines

  • Submarines unclear - Q&A so far said either "not now" or "not yet". Submarines might come eventually since they were in April Fools 2018.
  • Submarines might be in the works due to this evidence: - Source





Other general

  • One developer has plans for helicopter EC - Source
  • Volokolamsk will come back after being re-worked - Source
  • Cluster bombs coming at some stage - Source





General unclear

  • OV-10A unclear - being worked on by Nova, it's a possible candidate.


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Welcome to the new MiG-23/APFSDS minutia spam thread. I'm going to use this post for the compiled confirmed denied list.



Ratel 90 Source


Ratel ZT3-A2 Source

Fist dev server patch notes Source

SA tree is a 5th line in the UK ground tree Source

Olifant Source

SMS Kaiser Source

M3A3 Bradley Source

HMS Blackpool Source

Fokker D.XXI Source and its in the Swedish beginner pack Source


Dev Stream Summary Source

Teaser Video Summary here


Vague Confirmations

US to get an aircraft Source




A British aircraft that isn't worth a devblog if its ready in time. Source

France to get something similar to the SK-105 if its ready for this patch Source

Chinese Helicopters, they didn't make it to 2020 but haven't been cancelled as far as we know. Source


Denied - Where dreams go to die.

No F-8 Source




Russian top tier MBT Source

No US ground vehicles that weren't on Dev server 1 Source

No new helis Source

Nothing after 1st dev server for Germany and Italy Source

Chinese Radar SPAA Source

Dardo IFV Source

No SA aircraft Source

No B-26 Source

No F-5 for USA Source

No Puma IFV Source

MiG-27 Source

No other Dutch stuff Source

No Chinese Beginner pack Source

Viggen Source

No AMX Ghibli Source

French Ships Source

Brazil Source

F-14 and Su-57 Source

XF10F, Bell X-5 and P.1101 Source

F-4F pretty much a no from this Source

Tornado and F-16 Source

Harrier II Source

Probably no top BR British plane Source

Mirage G8 Source

No pre-order packs Source

MiG-23 Source

Mirage F1 Source

F-111 Source


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23 hours ago, magazine2 said:
  • Developing missile battle system beyond visual range - Source 


23 hours ago, magazine2 said:
  • Mavericks being worked on Source


new thingies . 


23 hours ago, magazine2 said:


@magazine2 is this the M3Lee or bradley?


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Just now, stefancc1701 said:

And of course they will be 6.0 because balance

Of course. It doesn’t matter that Hyuga has almost twice as big displacement as early dreadnoughts. But finally we’re reaching first WW2 battleships

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Hello there 





I guess we might see chinese helis next patch? And maybe that french thing that wasn't finished in time for the update.


edit It's very nice to see the Gazelles finally got their cockpit with a sight, we can finally aim in SB :lol2:

Hopefully they do the Alouette III next.

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without trying start anything, can someone check if "hot track" naval visual secondary shooting are even more bugged or not? (secondary's shooting at completely nothing criss cross, shooting straight up etc.. but the enemy team sees something different)...

i'm still updating and won't be able to check for a while more

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Would you look at that?


Once Gaijin actually decides to add something interesting to this nation, people actaully play it?! No way, wonder why people didn't bother ever touching this nation, might be because it lacks some actually interesting vehicles?

Now that they have a 10.7Br vehicle (which I am thankfull for), it becomes very apparent what they lack, some proper high-tier SPAAG! No matter how good your MBTs is, CAS will eat you up

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