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Russian / Soviet Ammunition Nomenclature & the 20-K

I keep finding conflicting details on how Soviet ammunition was designated and I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me. Concerning the abbreviated part itself, I've found two variations of it: one, and the most common, being the fixed or separate letter followed by the type and then its number and anything else that concerns it (i.e. UBR-243SP); while the other variation seems like a GARU designation where it lacks the fixed or separate letter and instead has a preceding number to the rest of the designation (i.e. 53-BR-234SP). I've also found several variation on how the longform of it should be which I'll show bellow:

  • Armour-piercing tracer solid UBR-243SP
    • This variation states what type of round it is, superfluous next to the abbreviation
  • Sharp-headed ballistic-tipped tracer solid UBR-243SP
    • This variation states the details of the projectile but fails at mentioning what type it is in the longform, there is no "armour-piercing"; this is the most common form I see
  • 45-mm armour-piercing tracer solid UBR-243SP o r 45-mm sharp-headed ballistic-tipped tracer solid UBR-243SP
    • I've found references with the calibre being mentioned and not being mentioned

It's important that I know if a longform designation, as shown above, was even used alongside the abbreviation or if the calibre was included with it.


Unrelated to that topic, but I think this is the correct list of vehicles with the 20-K and their specific model rather than the monogenous models they're presented as in-game:

  • Model 1932
    • BT-5 model 1933
  • Model 1932/34
    • BT-7 model 1937
    • T-26 model 1939
    • T-26E model 1939
    • T-35 model 1936
      • May be model 1932, I can't tell the difference between them in-game but sometime in its production it was switched to model 1934
  • Model 1932/38
    • T-50
    • T-70M
    • T-80
  • Can't find information on specific model
    • BA-11
    • T-126
    • SMK
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