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List of bugs currently affecting Sim combined battles


  • Aircraft kills not being correctly awarded. Counted incorrectly as a crash or kill is awarded to the wrong player.
  • Tank shells not penetrating when they should since the introduction of volumetric shells. Impossible ricochets etc.
  • Lumps and bumps in the runway.
  • Kill cam incorrect info when bombing tanks. e.g. Kill cam shows ricochet of a single fragment off a track. Kill feed show a tank successfully destroyed a second or two later.
  • Bore sight of gun is not working after using sight distance control to move horizontal line of gunner cross hairs. Reproduceable in Test Range.



  • Aircraft not rendering or only partially rendering in battles. Especially after damage taken.
  • Random FPS slow downs. Especially when flying inside smoke. But also when starting takeoff run or in tank battles.
  • Bf109 E propellers not spinning in flight.
  • Double sided decals not displaying properly in battles - possibly now fixed.
  • In the hanger - decals from one aircraft appearing on another aircraft when you switch to another nations hanger.
  • Marketplace skins sometimes not loading. Black aircraft. Especially in server replay - rare bug.
  • Decorations and decals sometimes randomly remove themselves from vehicle after applying them in vehicle customization - rare bug.
  • Italian decals appearing on US M18's in battles.





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  • If VTOL aircraft lose landing gear, it will register any vertical landing attempt as crash, despite aircraft still being in the air
  • Sometimes aircraft fall into the below levels of the new carriers
  • Whole Smolensk map is broken
  • Unbearable VR performance at Port Moresby


Partially or fully invisible aircraft and black skins is an issue in tournaments for a long time now (people specifically pick these skins for unfair advantage) was reported that years ago.


Nevermind, SB combined. Sorry about that

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